Bicycle Accidents in Portland

Bicycle accidents are a serious matter. Anyone who rides a bicycle knows how little protection a bicycle gives and how exposed riders are during a crash. A bicycle accident can cause life-threatening injuries that can have a long and painful recovery.


Serving Portland since 1984, the Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman Portland personal injury law firm, have been fighting for people hurt in all kinds of accidents, including bicycle accidents. They are dedicated to making sure victims get the compensation they deserve for their suffering. Be sure to get in contact with a bicycle accident attorney Portland.


Studies show that in the vast majority of serious accidents involving bicyclists, it was not the bicyclist at fault for causing the the accident. Many times motorists fail to give bicycle riders the right of way, leading to serious injury. Besides cars, there are many other factors like poor road conditions, and animal attacks that can also cause accidents that are not the bicyclists' fault.


If you, or someone you love is injured in a bicycle accident it is important to get the best help you can, and the Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman are the best law firm in Portland to assist you. 


Bankruptcy Attorney – Tucson Arizona

Financial problems or troubles are something we often encounter in our life, whether it's a serious one or just minor one, they all cause us depression and make us feel exhaustion. Bankruptcy is one of the biggest financial problems we may have and people from all walks of life may suffer this depending on the individual condition. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen and extremely responsible for your financial condition, it's inevitabliy that the bankruptcy may result from the unexpected deteriorating body of yours, or a sudden layoff from your seems-promising company, these are what we can't foresee in advance and thus it's nothing wrong to ask for assistance from specialists and professionals. This is when you will need to contact a Tucson bankruptcy attorney.


Here in Tucson, Arizona, Eric Ollason Attorney at Law is set up to provide answers and help clients to smoothly go through bankruptcy. Eric Ollason has been in this field for more than 30 years and specializes in bankruptcy law, where his law pratics has focused on the representation of consumer and business bankruptcy debtors. A free initial consultation is also provided to help you clarify your bankruptcy problem in advance before making any further actions. Feel free to contact friendly staffs here at Eric Ollason Attorney at Law a bankruptcy law firm located in Tucson.

Child Support in Tarpon Springs

Child support affects several areas of law Lawyers like to discuss whether or not child support is to be counted as social benefits at child support law firm in Tarpon Springs from The Law Firm for Family Law a Tarpon Springs family law firm. The recipients of child benefit should hardly disturb that. They are usually happy about this family policy transfer of the state, which should make it a little easier and more attractive to have children and educate. The fact is that regulations on child support affect several areas of law, such as social law, family law, and tax law. Child support is only available on request Child benefit must always be requested in writing. The child benefit application is to be had online; The application can also conveniently be made via the Internet. Mandatory for the application is a birth certificate of the child.


Basically eligible are persons who are taxable in many countries. For persons who are not permanently resident for that country, different regulations may apply. Not only the biological parents but also the adoptive or foster parents of a child have the right to child benefit. If grandparents or stepparents have taken a child into their household, they too can apply for and receive child benefit for the child. The child benefit is paid to a parent – usually, this is the mother of the child. The Law Firm for Family Law are a family law firm based in Tarpon Springs.


In a separation of the parents or in the case of single parents, the parent receives the child benefit in whose household the child lives (predominantly). In the so-called change model (the child lives in the household of both parents in approximately equal parts) parents should agree on who gets the child benefit from both. Hire a Tarpon Springs child support attorney.