Tax Lawyers on Directory Websites

Are you looking for a good and reliable tax lawyer? A lawyer for tax lawyer for a legal directory website such as Best Legal Counsel has been advising and representing both companies and private individuals in the area of ​​tax criminal law for many years. If you have received a tax assessment notice, this does not automatically mean that you owe the tax shown in it as a supplementary payment, because it can also be a void estimate.


It is particularly to be appreciated if the taxpayer is unable to provide sufficient information about his information or violates his obligation to cooperate pursuant. However, it may be questionable whether it is actually a void or an unlawful appraisal.

Only in the case of a void appraisal, does it produce no legal effects, but at most a legal right. The appraisal is a sovereign administrative act. This is void in accordance with § 125, as far as he suffers from a particularly serious error and this is evident in a judicious appraisal of all relevant circumstances.

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