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A divorce can be expensive, not least because a marriage can only be divorced legally by a court. The costs of divorce usually include the cost of a lawyer and court costs. But only if it is a consensual divorce. If both spouses agree to divorce, it is financially advisable to entrust only one lawyer with the procedure to keep divorce costs low. If the divorce draws larger circles, it may be necessary to schedule appraisers, etc.

There are no flat-rate divorce costs, as there are no standard prices for court and attorney fees. These are based on the value in dispute or the value of the divorce, whereby the amount in dispute of the divorce results from the following factors:

  • Net income of the spouse
  • Number of dependent children
  • Wealth of the spouses
  • Pension equalization (unless notarised)

With the help of the dispute or object value, the divorce lawyer and court can be read from the appropriate fee tables. For the court costs (court costs law) and for the lawyer fees (lawyer compensation law) is authoritative.

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