The Bridgestone Tire Recall.

Bridgestone is one of the biggest and most prestigious tire manufacturing companies in the world. The recall was voluntary and the basis of the recall was some sad incidents. The number of accidents due to these tires was around 62. The company is also using tires of other companies to meet the requirements of their clients. These tires were extensively used by Ford trucks and by sports model vehicles, like the Explorer.


The company says that the Bridgestone Tire Recall was requested because the company's prime concern is the safety of its customers and the step was only taken in public interest. The vehicle owners using the tires were notified by e-mail about the replacement. The notification also stated that all the defective tires will be replaced by the new Wilderness AT tires or other tires made by the company. This would be the case of  product liability.


If the company was unable to replace the tire with its own tire, then the company would get the tire replaced by the tire of some other company. The recall was ordered after the company found out that the tire had the tendency to catch up defects ad cracks early n its life and there were also cases of accidents which caused deaths and injuries. On finding the fault the company ordered the recall of all such tires.


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