Those who were fortunate enough to stay off the unemployment line were expected to work longer hours, often for the same, or even less, pay. But few complained. But a funny thing happened when the recession ended. Instead of rewarding them for their hard work and dedication during those difficult times, most bosses continued to push their undersized staffs just as hard. Workers are finally fighting back in court with the help of employment law firms like Eldessouky Law at Anaheim . The Law Businesses are required to pay their employees who put in extra hours per week. It doesn't matter if they are part-time, full-time, temporary, or salaried employees. However, because they don't want to pay these additional wages, some bosses misrepresent the extent of state rules regarding overtime pay. They might, for example, ask their employees to work off the clock or beg them to do them a personal favor by staying late. They now want the money to which they are legally entitled. Workers at Anaheim and the surrounding are tending to look for the best wage and hour law services at Eldessouky Law firm.

Who Is Entitled? All hourly workers, no matter their job title, are entitled to overtime pay. Executives and other white-collar workers may be exempted from this rule if they are managers or administrators who are expected to work long hours and are compensated accordingly with higher annual salaries. What To Look For

Eldessouky Law employment attorneys in Anaheim, offer free initial consultations and only get paid if you receive the money that is owed you.


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